Sonic #BBCSchoolReport


Today Class 10 have been involved with the BBC School Report, a scheme where over 1,000 schools across the UK have been reporting on different news stories.

In this post, Sergio and Josh are writing about one of their favourite video game characters.


Sonic is the world’s fastest hedgehog he is awesome and he saves the world. Sonic in games over 26 years and still unstoppable. Will Sonic do some break dancing? Sonic’s villain is Dr Eggman the evil scientist he creates powerful robots and Sonic can destroy them in spin dash. Sonic has a lot of friends, tails big cat Rouge and knuckles and Blaze the Cat. Sonic has 3 rivals knuckles is Sonics first rival and then Shadow the Hedgehog he can match his skills and then silver has psychokenisis he picks up objects and then throws them on Sonic. He is invisible towards his rivals shadow racing Sonic to a pink orb on Sonic gem rations. In Sonic unleashed Sonic can transform into a werehog his arms can stretch and he has super strength. And Sonic can also transform to super Sonic he can also fly. In Sonic and the black knight Sonic has a talking sword named Caliburn then Sonic can transform into Excalibur Sonic the Golden Knight. Sonic’s games are incredible games Sonic Adventures are awesome.

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