School Statment

To view the school prospectus please follow this link – Prospectus 2017-2018

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

St Christopher’s School is the largest specialist school in Wales. This website has been designed to help you find out about St Christopher’s and the many wonderful things that are going on within our school.

Our school was inspected by Estyn in March 2014 and they said:-

The school’s current performance Excellent
The school’s prospects for improvement Excellent


St Christopher’s is an excellent school because:

  • standards of achievement are excellent;
  • provision for pupils’ health and wellbeing is outstanding;
  • learning experiences are well planned to meet pupils’ needs, abilities and interests;
  • pupils have very good opportunities to follow an extensive range of vocational courses;
  • assessment is rigorous and fully informs curriculum and lesson planning;
  • staff manage pupils’ behaviour skilfully; and
  • pupils receive excellent care, support and guidance.

Prospects for improvement are excellent because:

  • the headteacher, supported by the senior leadership team, has a very clear vision for the school that is shared by all staff;
  • leaders have a very good understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement;
  • the school makes highly effective use of detailed data to identify pupils’ diverse individual needs and assess their progress;
  • the school has very strong partnerships which impact positively on the wellbeing and outcomes for pupils;
  • staff performance is managed very carefully; and
  • the school manages its resources well and provides excellent value for money.

As a school we are extremely proud that Estyn acknowledged our school in this way.

The school is divided into 5 distinct areas:

  • Junior School department
  • Middle School department
  • Senior School department
  • Behaviour Support and Autism departments
  • Independent Living department

together with our own Millennium Eco Centre.

The facilities at our Stockwell Grove site offer our young people a wealth of opportunities.   We have an enterprise focus with a hair and beauty salon, logging business, market garden, animal husbandry and retail shops.

We also have science laboratories, art room, sports hall, technology rooms together with large, bright inviting classrooms.

Our out door facilities are excellent with vast sports facilities, including an all weather pitch and running areas.   Our school is renowned for our work with pupils in this area.

Our grounds are also a focus for our out door education. We are an Eco School (Platinum) and our Millennium Eco Centre is also a recognised centre.   We offer an extensive ESDGC Education for sustainable development and Global Citizenship programme that can also be recognised.

St Christopher’s is unique in providing first class education and international experiences for all pupils.   We have the International School Award.

We are proud of our many achievements at St Christopher’s School and that our school is regarded by many as a centre of excellence where high expectations lead to the highest of standards.   Our students develop confidence and self worth, within a top performing school where both academic standard and social emotional care are high on our agenda.

We offer a full range of extra curricular activities.

Discipline within our school is good.

Our motto is ‘Building a Future’ – the school staff and governors are committed to providing for all our children an education of the highest possible quality whilst we also catering for varied individual needs where we build on skills needed for their future place in society.   In order to provide the pupils with these opportunities we invest a great deal of time and positive commitment into the curriculum development and training, pupil inspired resources and raising standards.

As a school we work closely with parents, carers and with the community; we can only do the best for our children if we work together.

We hope you enjoy our new website. For more information please read the section on our School Prospectus.

We hope we convey to you a portrait of St Christopher’s School.


Mr Jeff Eggington – Acting Headteacher