Animal Care

About us

Welcome to Stockwell Grove Animal Care Unit, situated in the grounds of St. Christopher’s Special Needs School. The animal unit has been up and running since 2012 and has gradually grown in size to accommodate our animals. We initially started off with 6 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 3 chickens and a couple of rodents and we have grown in size and popularity to house over a 100 animals including ferrets, budgies, zebra finches, ducks, degus, Terrapins and a Royal Python. The majority of our animals are either rescued or donated and if physically possible we will occasionally care for and temporarily house injured wildlife. The pupils at St. Christopher’s School benefit from the contact and responsibility of looking after animals, gaining new skills and most importantly caring for animals.


Courses we run

We have over a 100 students per week taking part on the Animal Care course and we liaise with schools to find a suitable course to suit each potential newcomer. The courses we run are: ‘College links 14-19’, ‘Enrichment’, ‘Unlocking Potential’ and “college day” where St. Christopher’s School pupils attend Animal Care throughout the week. At the animal care unit we run accredited courses ranging from OCN Entry Level 1 to BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate.


OCN Entry 1-3: This is a practical course for learners to learn the basics of looking after animals and have an opportunity to bond with the animals and learn routine and responsibility. Learners have taster sessions where they take part in feeding, handling and cleaning.

BTEC Level 1: This accredited course is completed over a three-year period gaining an Award for the first year, Certificate for the second year and Extended Certificate for the third year. This course is more appropriate for vocational learners as it is mainly assessed on practical ability. Learners will learn skills in cleaning, feeding, handling, health checks and animal grooming. This course is currently available for Enrichment, Unlocking Potential and St. Christopher’s pupils.

BTEC Level 2 (College links 14-19): We run the BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 1-4pm with pupils selected from application and interview from schools in the Wrexham County. In the first year, the learners will develop their knowledge of animal health, disease and parasite prevention as well as learning different techniques used to handle and restrain animals in a commercial setting. In the second year, the learners will develop skills to ensure Animal Welfare, correct accommodation needs and enrichment opportunities. This course involves a series of practical assessments, coursework and now involves an external exam.