Since September the Animal Unit has accommodated a selection of new animals. Monty, our resident Python Snake has caused the most intrigue in the Animal Unit and is very much like Marmite but she generally wins the most uncertain of students round and they respond well to her serene and calming persona.

The children have loved seeing the baby finches grow from tiny little pinkies to developing their fluffy grey feathers and eventually transforming into their striking black and white zebra markingsā€¦.hence the name Zebra Finches. The Finches are getting used to their new surroundings and making friends with their companions, the budgies. The children have enjoyed handling sessions with the most tame Zebra Finch, Sky.

Camilla the Kissing Chameleon is definitely the most entertaining of our newest animals as she always comes to greet whoever is feeding her and never fails to impress with her tongue which is as long as her body. However, it can be a struggle to find Camilla in her accommodation due to her camouflaging abilities.